Dr. Greg Imler

Dr. Greg Imler is a board certified general surgeon who has practiced in San Diego for nearly 30 years after completing residency at UCSD.  He plans to continue to practice for a number of years.  Although he will not be providing medical care to the residents of Sea Breeze, his presence brings years of medical experience to the operation, safety and individual care plans for our senior residents.

Melinda Imler

Greg’s spouse of 35 years, Melinda has a broad range of experience to bring to Sea Breeze.  Melinda was trained in early childhood and elementary education, then taught kindergarten and first grade for 10 years.  She then went on to raise 3 children in La Jolla.  During this time she also worked at the San Diego Zoo in the education department, worked at several hotels in San Diego and La Jolla as a concierge and volunteered with the Red Cross, Sharp Hospital, Mary Birch Hospital for Women, and oversaw administration of several large medical mission trips to Central America.  Melinda also cared for her parents in our home for 7 years. Her goal is to provide exceptional personal care and assistance to all our residents.


The staff we employ has been carefully selected for training and experience, but also for their kindness and ability to promote an atmosphere of personal service.

As ‘on-site’ licensee and administrator, we will be there to oversee and perform regular evaluations on our caregivers.  We plan to interact with our senior residents regularly to assure excellent attention to your individual needs.

Hospitality has been defined as “the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.” That definition doesn’t even come close to what you experience at Greg and Melinda’s place Sea Breeze! Their warmth, their love and their care is expressed even in the smallest details. They have a big heart that welcomes everyone, when you are there you feel that you belong!