Thank you for providing a home for my dad and the care that you and the caregivers provided. We are so grateful!

Thank you for telling me about Bill’s death. I am writing to express my sympathy to both of you. You two knew Bill and excitedly welcomed him to the Sea Breeze family. Whenever I was there I noticed he was treated with dignity, spoken to with respect, included in all conversations, humorous stories, activities and made to feel appreciated. What a gift you gave to him.

I am further inspired by the thoughtful way you share the news with his “roommates”; taking the time to speak to everyone around the dining room table, acknowledging sadness. The photos you have put up of him are a tribute that recognizes the importance of his time with everyone there.

Not only did you touch Bill’s heart, but you have touched the hearts of everyone that has had the privilege of seeing the loving spirit with which you have opened your home.

You are the truly courageous.

Thank you for the care you are providing my mother. A number of her friends at the park yesterday commented on how good she looks.

I can’t thank you enough for getting those daffodils for my folks. That was so kind, but just one of the thousand things you do to comfort and care for my folks the way you do. Our family is so fortunate to have found Sea Breeze. It’s the ideal situation run by such caring and competent people.

Hospitality has been defined as “the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.” That definition doesn’t even come close to what you experience at Greg and Melinda’s place Sea Breeze! Their warmth, their love and their care is expressed even in the smallest details.  They have a big heart that welcomes everyone, when you are there you feel that you belong!